Generation Lamp

by Zach Gage, 2016

Dig up an old smart-device

- Plug it in,

- Turn the brightness to high,

- Set the auto-lock to never,

- Point your browser to
(or to your custom link if you created your own lamp)

Note: If you're on an older iOS device you will need to first download a browser that allows fullscreen browsing.
I recommend Umbrella Browser since it works great and is compatible with old iOS versions (It worked on my iPhone 3G).

Your device will probably die before the piece is complete. If that happens, dig up another one and follow the instructions above again.

Dear future viewers: Since there's a possibility that javascript/css might change or break some day in the next 32 years, there's a future-proofed fully server-side HTML1.0 compatible version of Generation Lamp up at, just in case you need it.

(Using a custom lamp? Just replace "lamp.php" with "basic.php")